The Newsletter of the I.A.F.P.

ISSN 1025-9740 Volume 1(1), January 1996, Editors: Mounted by 20.ii.96


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The International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy was founded in Leuven, Belgium in 1991 to promote and encourage professionals working psychotherapeutically with offenders. It also aims to promote education and encourage research in this area.

If you are not a member and are keen to join, or if you are a member whose dues have lapsed, then you can renew your affiliation by contacting Jan Cosby or Tegwyn Williams at the address below:

Caswell Clinic,
Glanrhyd Hospital,
CF31 4LN
'tel.: (+44|0) 1656 662 179
'fax: (+44|0) 1656 662 157
To date the organisation has a membership that includes members of mental health and legal professions from twelve countries around the world. The organisation holds an annual meeting which gives opportunities to meet other professionals working in this increasingly important area to attend and present papers in this area. It publishes this regular Newsletter and is in the process of establishing itself on the Internet.

Prof. Bart N. W. de Smit, July 1995