IAFP Newsletter 3. Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. President's letter
  3. In memoriam. Murray Cox
  4. News
  5. Reviews: The sopranos
  6. Reviews: Art, Psychotherapy and Psychosis
  7. Reviews: War zone
  8. Reviews: Under the skin
  9. Reviews: Remorse and reparation
  10. Reviews: British love of fair play (and war)
  11. Excerpt from Serious Shopping: Essays in Psychotherapy and Consumerism
  12. When someone goes on a journey, then...
  13. Speculations on Crime on the Internet
  14. Understanding the Erotic and Eroticised Transference and Counter-Transference
  15. Stalking
  16. IAFP Conference in Sheffield: a personal reflection
  17. Attachment based research in Forensic Populations: Degrees of Security?
  18. Playing with fire in a prison
  19. Introducing HMP Grendon: A Therapeutic Community Prison
  20. Changes in Provision for Young Offenders
  21. Summer Party at the Groucho Club 24th July 1999
  22. UCL Diploma in Forensic Psychotherapeutic Studies
  23. Alumni Day 1999
  24. Tribute to Elvira Kirchoff-Gordon, (1955-1999)
  25. Sure Start